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Welcome to my website!

   Thank You for the opportunity to tell you a little more about myself. I hope you don't mind my transparency...

I am the only son of European immigrants who were children during the Second World War. My Dad was born in Western Ukraine and managed to escape induction into the Russian Army as an early teenager. My Mom was born in Baiersdorf, near Erlangen, Germany and met my Dad as a displaced person in Germany. My Dad received training in Germany under the Marshall Plan and emigrated to Philadelphia, US, to become a well-known designer and patternmaker of women's clothing among New York fashion designers under labels such as Jones New York, Christian Dior, Rena Rowan, and others. He found the US to be a land of opportunity and worked his way from the bottom up, eventually convincing my Mom to emigrate from Germany as well.

The rewards of the hard work ethic and the optimism of grasping every opportunity was instilled in me early as I grew up, speaking German at home and going to Saturday school to learn Ukrainian. This taught me to understand diverse points of view and to distill these into a course of action that would not be afraid of failure, yet would always end up pointing  to success.

I started college at LaSalle University as a Biology Major, in preparation for Medical School, a field my Dad thought I had aptitude for, and I found interesting. After my sister died at the age of 17 of a brain aneurism, I was appalled at the state of modern medicine in hospitals - there was nothing that could be done. I was about to apply for medical school, but was advised to take a year off to grieve, and to use that year wisely, pursuing a field of study that would help me in medical school. I found a graduate program at Drexel University in Biomedical Engineering that would help me understand the technical needs of modern medicine and after the first year as a graduate student, I decided that I liked that more than medical school, even though the course of study (engineering degree equivalent) would be more difficult. I wanted to solve difficult problems, like those that would have been needed to save my sister's life! So here I am, with the privilege of pursuing my dream to solve difficult problems to improve medical technology, I thank God for showing me this opportunity, and this awesome nation I was born in for the ability to fulfill it, and I love it!


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Nov 2013 - Elected to School Board - Cedar Park Christian Schools (CPC Schools)